Why get tech help from Telstra?

No fix. No fee.

We’ll only charge you if we fix it. That’s our Guarantee.

Non-Telstra tech

We work with major brands, and the list is constantly growing.

Secure Remote Access

We can make getting help easier with our remote access tool.

In-person support

We can help in-store or in-home. Charges apply for a home visit.

What type of technical support do you need?

With Telstra Platinum you can choose your level of help according to the type of problem you have. Check out the support packages below to help identify your issue, and whether it’s big or small.

Not sure? Contact us and we’ll discuss it with you before we start to make sure you select the right level of support.


Over the phone or in-store support

*Services are not available for some devices and software. The cost of any software/hardware is not included in the price of the
service and you are responsible for any data charges. Fair Use Policy applies. For further details visit telstra.com/customer-terms


Have questions?

Contact us 24x7 to answer them.



For ongoing support

*Use of this service is governed by a fair usage policy, which deals with excessive use. For further details visit telstra.com/customer-terms


Have questions?

Contact us 24x7 to answer them.



For support that comes to you


Have questions?

Contact us 24x7 to answer them.

What technical issues can Telstra Platinum help with?

Bought your own gear? No problem we take care of non-Telstra devices. We work with all major brands, and the list is constantly growing.

TV & Streaming Services

Watch what you want, when you want. Get expert help to connect your TV to your Wi-Fi, or stream Netflix, Stan and Foxtel.

Email & Virus Protection

We’ll help you detect and remove spyware and viruses, and keep them out with Telstra protection services or by configuring what you already have.

Data & Photo Backup

Get expert help saving your data onto hard drives or cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, One Drive & more.

Computers & Software

We’ll keep your computer running at its best speed with the latest software and printer connectivity, so you can focus being your productive best.

Mobiles & Tablets

Our experts can sync your mail, calendars, and photos for Apple, Samsung or any brand of android smartphone or tablet.

Smart Home

Let our experts help set up your Smart Home to control lights, appliances and thermostats remotely with the Smart Home app.

Will changing Wi-Fi channels improve my speed?

Sometimes the best way to get better Wi-Fi speeds 
is to just change your Wi-Fi channel. Here’s how.

How to extend the ring time of your home phone

Want your phone to ring a little longer to give you extra time to answer? Find out how.

Set up your Wi-Fi printer on your computer

Learn how to set up your Wi-Fi printer with our helpful video.

What is port forwarding?

Find out what a 'port' is and how to unblock it.

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