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Explore how we're working with Australian organisations to create progress for their business, their employees and the community by harnessing the power of Australia's best network of networks, our world-class experts and adaptive capabilities.

Telstra Purple’s experts reimagined Mirvac’s fragmented network into one that is powering their virtual cloud environment and boosting productivity.

Explore how Telstra Purple is designing adaptive networks to foster innovation

Telstra Purple’s experts redeveloped a cloud-native application to deliver a real-time bed occupancy reporting tool giving patients the best chance of survival when the COVID-19 pandemic surged.

Explore how Telstra Purple is modernising Apps to empower health workers

Our partnership with Indigital and Microsoft led to an enterprising new way to teach Indigenous language and law

Explore how our partnership created an AR platform with purpose

Discover the BIG digitisation opportunities for your industry

As we look towards a post-COVID Australia, the focus must be on how we re-build our?nation and our economy.?Accelerating the digital economy will create a ripple effect?across industries, creating jobs in all sectors from customer service, logistics, design?and professional services..?

Find out what Australia’s digitisation opportunity is and what it means for your industry.

Discover more insights from across our teams

Managing your cyber risk in the ‘new normal’

Cybercrime is targeting more businesses than ever during the pandemic, with new working conditions resulting in new risks to networks. How do you ensure your network and your users are better prepared for attacks?

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The Telstra Ultimate SD-WAN Guide

Whether you’re just starting to think about SD-WAN or wanting to know how to choose the right partner, we have created a comprehensive guide that could help shortcut your journey.

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Six network architecture design principles to follow for SD-WAN success

If you are designing your SD-WAN solution, you want to know you have the right architecture to help you maximise the potential of your networks and enhance your business agility. And you’d want to avoid the pitfalls of poor design.

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Step by step guide to making your SD-WAN transition a success

Every business has its own goals, challenges and networking requirements, making each SD-WAN transition unique. Here we look at the key stages, each with its own set of dependencies, that most IT managers will encounter when deploying SD-WAN solutions.

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